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Devils Claw

Devils Claw has a large, claw-like fruit and is also called grapple plant. The secondary root is considered medicinal and is preferred by herbalists because of its high concentration of beneficial components. It is useful for arthritis, liver problems, arteriosclerosis, kidney and bladder problems, and stomach problems. Devils Claw is also a great blood cleanser and anti-inflammatory

From Life Extension Magazine: African herb relieves arthritis pain - In a study published in a recent edition (volume 7 issue 3) of the journal Phytomedicine, French researchers tested the herb Harpagophytum procumbens, commonly known as Devils claw, on 122 osteoarthritis patients between the ages of 30 and 79. The study participants, who had arthritis of the knee and hip, over a four month period received either Devils claw or the drug diacerhein, which is approved in France and Italy. Both the herb and drug groups experienced similar pain relief benefits, but the group taking Devils claw experienced significantly decreased side effects, particularly less gastrointestinal distress.

Devils claw has been aproved by the German Commission E as a nonprescription drug to treat pain and inflammation of the joints, termed degenerative disorders of the locomotor system. The herb comes from the Kalahari desert of Africa and is used in traditional African medicine.

"At least two previous clinical trials on Devils claw have supported its use as an aid in treating lower back pain and rheumatic conditions," commented Mark Blumenthal of the American Botanic Council, an independent nonprofit education and research organization. "This study is significant in that it is the first to show the potential benefits of Devils claw for osteoarthritis. Although more research is warranted, this may be good news to people who suffer from osteoarthritis, as well as their physicians, whose therapeutic choices have been fairly limited."



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